A Mainframe on your Raspberry Pi

This long weekend I decided to try and tackle a project I wanted to do for a while but things always kept me from (I didn’t have a case, didn’t have a wifi card, etc etc). I finally sat down and got MVS380 installed and running on my raspberry pi. 

It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be but I’ll outline the steps here for anyone interested. 

The first thing to do is get hercules. I used rasbian (headless) and luckily someone compiled hercules for it and made a deb so you just need to install hercules (apt-get install hercules). 

Then get MV380 from here (the second bullet MVS/380 v1.2 (full install). wget works on that link. Make sure you put it in its own folder. Now unzip the zip file (unzip x mvs380-1_2_rtr.zip). 

Launch hercules: hercules -f conf/mvs380.conf  and it should bring up the prompt. type ‘ipl 148’ followed by ‘/r 00,clpa’ and watch it go. Wait for a bit until you see “JES2 TERMINATION” and type ‘/s jes2„,parm=’format,noreq’. 

When you’re done launch your TN3270 client (like x3270)  and log on with herc01. Enjoy!



For anyone interested here’s the clist code i wrote to make the raspberry pi logo in tso:

write    .~~.   .~~.
write   '. \ ' ' / .'
write    .~ .~~~..~.
write   : .~.'~'.~. :
write  ~ (   ) (   ) ~
write ( : '~'.~.'~' : )
write  ~ .~ (   ) ~. ~
write   (  : '~' :  ) Raspberry Pi - MVS Style!
write    '~ .~~~. ~'
write        '~'                      
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